Flooring Services

Herringbone/Parquet Flooring

If you’re looking for natural wooden flooring that can be installed with a wide range of finishes, Herringbone, also known as Parquet, flooring is an excellent choice. 

Available as either Solid Wood blocks or Engineered Wooden blocks, Herringbone flooring consists of numerous lines of small wooden rectangles laid at 90° angles to one another. This results in an aesthetically appealing product that works well in a wide range of locations.

Herringbone flooring is available in two main types: Unfinished and Pre-finished. The former is laid before staining and sanding is undertaken. This method results in a single, unbroken seal being applied across the floor and allows a wide choice of finish colour. If you have specific requirements for the final look of your floor or want to be able to change its stain shade easily, finished Herringbone is probably the best option.

Easier to clean, Pre-finished Herringbone flooring can be used the same day that it has been laid down. If you have a large area to cover or timing is a key consideration, Pre-finished herringbone is an excellent choice.

Used historically in everything from classrooms to ballrooms, Parquet flooring is a spectacular choice. The wide range of woods that can be used in a Parquet flooring installation ensure there are options for every property. We can also restore your current Parquet flooring or offer Engineered Parquet flooring should you have a significant area to cover or need to consider cost.