Flooring Services

Sand & Seal Flooring

Significantly enhance a Solid Wood floor that has seen better days by treating it to a restorative Sand and Seal procedure.

If you have a Solid Wood floor that has become worn, scratched, discoloured or otherwise damaged due to its advancing years, opting for sanded floors followed by floor sealing will restore the appearance of your floor, looking as good as new.

After assessing the current state of your floor, our team will deliver the right solution. Our services range from a simple top coat to a full restoration Sand and Seal.

Taking great care and paying close attention to detail when undertaking a sanded wooden flooring job, we ensure that mess and dust are kept to an absolute minimum. We have invested in sanding machinery that showcases some of the most advanced technology on the market to ensure great results without undue disruption to the household.

Not only does wooden floor sealing enhance your wooden boards enormously, it also helps conserve natural resources by preserving your floor, extending its longevity. If being green matters to you, we can recommend sealants which are environmentally friendly, enabling your sanded flooring to receive a top coat that performs well and is kind to the environment.