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Caring for your Wooden Floor is important not only aesthetically but to prolong it's life 

Do you know how to care for your Wooden Floor? 

 decorus flooring how to clean wooden floor


You've just had your wood floor fitted, be it Engineered, Herringbone or Parquet and you want to ensure it's looking pristine all the time. But how do I clean and maintain it?. Well, below are 5 tips to ensure your wooden floor is looking in mint condition.

1. Ensure you dry clean the floor
Don't under any circumstances consider using a steam mop. It can cause delamination of the wood - essentially the water will get into the layers of the wood. Dry cleaning is the best way to clean wood floors, rather than wet cleaning.

2. Wipe up any spills immediately
By leaving the water on the wood in can penetrate and have the same affect as point number 1.

3. Use felt pads under furniture
By placing felt pads under sofas, chairs & tables will ensure your wooden floor doesn't get scratched. Plus it easy to manoeuvre the furniture if you need to clean behind sofas.

4. Sweep daily
To remove any small surface dirt or dust. Your wooden floor is going to have pretty decent amount of traffic, so cleaning daily ensures not marks are left behind.

5. Use the right cleaning product
We'd suggest using an environmentally sound, PH neutral cleaner such as Bona. They come with a microfibre pad and enables you to lightly spray the floor with a solution - try always going with the grain. The floor should dry within a minute if you’ve used the right amount of water.

We can advise on the best solutions for cleaning and maintaining your wooden floor or if you need to consider having your floor re-sanded - Get in touch.