Sand & Seal Flooring

Installing a new Herringbone staircase and sanding & sealing the original floor in the hallway.

Stripwood Sand & Seal

Firstly, Decorus cut and measured each Herringbone piece, adding them individually at 90 degrees to be able to later meet the border joints of the new staircase flooring. Then, the staircase had to be oiled to match the original hallway colour for consistency.

Decorus sanded the hallway floor using a Lager Trio Disc sanding machine, an advanced piece of equipment that also cleans and polishes the surface. After, a seal was added, which is a chemical solution that protects and restores flooring to its original state, looking good as new. The key here is to apply the solution to the grain and roll off any excess evenly. It is important that application is consistent and no areas are missed. This job demands close attention to detail and a keen eye.

As heavy traffic areas, Decorus completed all work as tidily as possible with minimal disruption and working around the family‚Äôs schedule.